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'Double up' to easily create a wildlife haven in your Surrey garden

we advise and construct | you and wildlife enjoy

Plants are key to creating a wildlife haven, obviously.

But, which ones?   Not know where to start?

Instead of trying to choose from the thousands of bee or pollinator friendly ones, simplify your choices - Double up!
Double up on everything - ie choose plants or garden additions that serve at least two functions.   Then it's far easier to decide what to do.

Plants which are butterfly friendly are almost always, bee friendly - so, a double hit.


A few examples of 'Doubling up'

Choose useful perennial flowering plants - coneflowers, michaelmas daisies, verbena bonariensis, black-eyed susans etc. etc.

bee on verbena boniarisis
- choose for colours, relative heights and flowers from early summer to late autumn
- favourites with bees, other pollinators and butterflies
- look great in summer - choice of colour, height and shape
- another Double whammy for sure

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Add water - frogs, toads and newts (amazing how quickly they find it)

blue damselfly
- of course, birds come to drink and bathe
- attracts many insects with damselflies and dragonflies really adding interest
- add bog or marginal plants for the pollinators
- a Quadruple whammy - a must do
pond at office

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Sow a cornfield patch - moths, all pollinators, butterflies, birds and more

cornfield patch in early summer
- moths are attracted due to the variety of plants
- 'rotation' of flowers means a constant food source for butterflies and pollinators
- birds will find various seeds
- a Triple whammy - even a small patch can work - a 'must do'
cornfield patch in late summer

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Choose beneficial shrubs and small trees ie buddleja or butterfly bush - small bush - prune it as you want - dead easy to keep

peacock butterfly on buddleja
bee on buddleja

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