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Please contact us during business hours - 01932 872 053
The phone will be answered as 'Silver fern Post House' (our premises)
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About us

Based in Surrey, we service a considerable area from Birmingham North of us to Bristol in the West.

WelcomeWildlife is a trading division of Silver Fern Ltd.   Silver Fern has two main business which it runs from its own premises in Surrey. The premises are in green belt.   The Managing Director decided to convert unused and unkempt land into a wildlife haven.   Two years later the results are appreciated by visitors and colleagues alike.   It proves that a wildlife-friendly garden, contrary to polular belief, can look very attractive.

Errol was initially overwhelmed by the information overload on wildlife gardening, the lack of simple information and the lack of gardeners or landscape gardeners who have expertise in this area.   So, he set about to change that.

WelcomeWildlife makes its grounds available for commercial gardeners to view and become familiar with the various wildlife-friendly plants we have growing on our premises. The gardeners are free to experiment with others.

Our goal is to establish a network of gardeners knowledgeable in the art of welcoming wildlife and to introduce them to you.   You will then have direct dealing with them
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Dave - general manager
Dave - General manager
Dave - general manager
- customer satisfaction
- gardening liaison and training
- finance
Errol - founder | wildlife enthusiast
Errol - founder
Errol - founder and wildlife enthusiast
- responsible for marketing and website
- wildlife consultant
- tests new approaches, designs, products and   plants at our premises

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Graham - independent landscape gardener
Graham has nearly 20 years experience running his landscape gardening business. He is the man in Surrey and will
- design and agree your project
- fulfil your project
- ensures the completed project fits your needs
Alison - consultant botanist
Alison - botanist
Alison - the botanist has 15 years experience and has worked in several prestigious Surrey locations.   She is consulted for specialist plant-related information

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