Welcome birds

adds colour and activity - several of the other projects will attract birds

we advise and construct | you and wildlife enjoy

Easy things to do which we hope you can do yourself - not really 'Doubling up'

1 - Buy a good bird feeder

  • a minimum of four hangers is best - clearly high enough to be cat-proof
    • unless you want to spend a fortune replacing the seed, they must be squirrel-proof

    • suggest one tube feeder for sunflower hearts - minimal mess - loved by most birds
    • another tube feeder for niger seed - especially loved by goldfinches
    • a wire tube feeder to hold peanuts - woodpeckers, nuthatches and most tits

  • a suet block holder - woodpeckers, tits (including long-tailed tits), nuthatches, robins, blackbirds and thrushes
    • few people realise that this is a must all-year dietry item - not just in winter
    • in spring and summer many birds feed suet to their chicks as a high quality food
    • fledglings will feed on suet a lot as they learn how to forage properly
      • the increase in numbers of young woodpeckers, tits and nuthatches is very noticeable from summer feeding

  • wood pigeons, ring-necked doves and stock doves will quickly clear anything that hits the ground

  • a good range of feeders is available from CJ Wildlife link - plus food and accessories
  • I like the easy clean feeders from Jacobi Jane/ Living with birds - link
  • we buy good quality bird food at good prices with good service from Kennedy Wildbird Food - link

What benefits - only birds - unless you count squirrels and cats!

2 - Add water - one of Welcome wildlife's projects - link

  • the benefits of a water feature are clear for birds - drinking and bathing
  • water might attract some unusual visitors such as kingfishers, herons, ducks, wagtails and even geese
    • herons and geese probably wont be your favourites - its hard to dislike kingfishers even as they take your fish
  • ensure your water feature offers safe bathing - not too deep and nowhere near for cats to hide ready to pounce

3 - Put up nestboxes

  • often overlooked but as we keep our trees so tidy, trees with holes left by dead branches are in short supply
    • needed by several tits, nuthatches and woodpeckers (plus owls)

  • we're tidier than nature intended so it is harder for blackbirds and robins to find a secluded spot
  • put up well before autumn if your want the birds to feel they are safe enough to use next spring

  • excellent UK site on nestboxes - types, positioning and cleaning at birdingUK.com - link