Just add water

a major interest for you with birds, amphibians, dragonflies and more

we advise and construct | you and wildlife enjoy

A project Welcome Wildlife can do for you - this is 'Doubling up' on steroids

1 - design, prepare and construct a wildlife friendly water feature

  • while bigger is usually better, even in a small garden it is surprising how much even a small water feature can attract
  • a water feature is the one project to increase the activity and interest in the garden more than anything else
  • birds are attracted to bath and drink - some to swim and feed (ie ducks), plus amphibians and dragonflies etc.
  • designs are limetless to fit in with a formal, semi-formal or informal garden
  • price varies with size but ponds and water features are largely one-off expenses representing long term, high value for money
  • a water feature will increase the bio-diversity of your garden more than any other project
  • a water feature changes with the seasons and so, is never boring - when covered by ice, it's a different world
    • it signals the changes of the seasons more than any other aspect of a garden

What benefits - at least a triple whammy?

Mandarin ducks amazed us for a week
All your' locals' will drink and bathe
A pond is very busy and interesting all year.   Herons and kingfishers come for your fish.   Wagtails and ducks are likely to visit and occassionally the very exotic
froglet finger-nail size in September
Frogs and toads soon find your pond.
In February they signal spring is near.   Hopefully newts will appear.   Don't have too many fish so tadpoles have a chance to become froglets etc.
Insects - dragonflies
broad-bodied chaser surveying his territory for food or to protect from invaders
Dragonflies and beautiful damselflies are very quick to find your pond.   Not only beautiful, they add a decided interest to the garden hunting, patrolling their territory or laying their eggs

What Welcome Wildlife offers

  • design, prepare and construct a water feature to attract wildlife
    • size and design to fit your garden
    • sloping edges for birds to drink, bathe and for other creatures to enter and exit easily
    • with depth so creatures and plants survive the winter
    • sufficient floating plants to reduce algal blooms
    • easy maintenance filtration
    • avoiding unnecessary, expensive, flavour of the month 'gadgets'

  • construct a stream or water in-flow
    • designed for birds to bathe in safety
    • designed to provide the soothing, gentle sound of running water

  • creation of an adjacent bog area
    • with moisture-loving plants selected for their wildlife attraction
    • to increase the bio-diversity

Water features - some background

Although amphibians are in decline generally, in suburban areas this decline is significantly lessened due to destroyed natural habitats being replaced by wildlife friendly ponds.

While many of us feed our wild birds, few of us are conscientious about putting fresh water out for them.   Ponds undo our forgetfulness.

A whole range of plants, animals and insects evolved to thrive in moist, boggy areas or actually in water.   Man then carefully lays pipes to ensure as much rain as possible goes straight down the drain, into the nearest river and out to sea.   Nature intended rain to fall on the ground, to create wet and damp areas.   In a small part, ponds help replace this vital lost habitat we have destroyed.

Apart from the birds that feed on the insects attracted to the water, plus bats and foxes coming to drink, adding a water feature is one addition to your garden that will add interest, add movement and enhance your pleasure from the garden.

Apart from the birds, dragonflies and damselflies are spectacular in summer.   The frogs arriving to spawn in late February in southern England are a great portent of spring.

Lillies may not do much for wildlife but I consider them to be one of the most beautiful summer garden plants.

A water feature is truly the 'win-win' of wildlife-friendly gardening.